Are you having issues with Zendesk’s system? Here is how to make it work for you.

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Overview: Practi by JustEat is an all-in-one management system for takeaways and restaurants.
Challenge: Implement Zendesk properly and build a contact center operation around the platform.

Practi is a company that started as a provider of smart cash registers for businesses, but over time it has expanded. It now offers an extensive range of tools to help manage various types of companies.

What sets this company apart is how familiar they are with the most innovative, advanced, and effective tools for improving workflows.

For example, there is now a wide range of tools for customer service and support systems. Yael Campano, director of Practi’s support department, says that from the beginning, she started working with Zendesk for one simple reason, “Internationally, the platform is very well known and is considered very strong in the market.”

Yael and her team implemented the system with the help of Otorita, a company that provides consulting and organizational development services. However, getting started was not that simple. “At first, we didn’t know how to take the full advantage of the system,” Yael recalls, “We’d worked with implementation companies before, but we were unable to adapt the Zendesk platform to our needs.”

“The people at Adelante never said no to us”

“At first, we found working with the platform quite chaotic,” Yael goes on to say. “We were unable to generate relevant reports and data, and our service reps found the workflow to be too complicated. The whole issue of automation and flow were missing in the first stage of implementation.”

However, when correctly set up, Yael realized that Zendesk had great potential and could really smooth out Practi’s workflows. That’s was what led her to contact Adelante, which specializes in improving work processes in organizations, a decision she said was a turning point.

“From the first meeting, it was clear to us that we were dealing with a very different company from those we’d already tried in the past,” Yael says about her discussion with Adelante CEO Tamir Bashkin. “Tamir came up with so many ideas at the meeting that we didn’t even know were possible. It gave us real hope that we could make the system work for us. From that moment on, we used it more and more, and we finally knew that we had someone to talk to to make it work for our needs.”

Yael stresses that what fascinated her the most in their discussion was the openness to finding ways to solve problems, even when they are complex or unclear: “The people at Adelante never said no to us. That is exactly what we wanted when trying to implement the complex platform in our business.”

We don’t work for the system – the system works for us.

Practi’s story illustrates how important it is not to pull the plug on a particular system just because we don’t fully understand how to work with it. Yael points out that after making the changes in collaboration with Adelante, “Our team understands much better how to work with the platform and gets much more from it than it did before. Not only does management receive the reports and data that is so important to them – the team itself has stopped working for the system – the system has started working for the team.”

Yael continues, “I think that the biggest achievement is that the system stopped being a burden. We suddenly have all the data we need to keep track of customer calls, stay on top of the service process, and receive all the relevant data to provide an efficient service.”

Since they began working with Adelante, Practi’s service center has expanded from 12 reps to about 40, increasing the need for an efficient and well-oiled platform that can manage the process and allow managers to better monitor what is happening in the company.

Orit from Otorita also talks about how she views the process, “I am well acquainted with Practi’s work in particular and that of customer service centers in general. One of the main failures in such systems lies in the implementation – taking a product off the shelf and making it work for you.”

“The people at Adelante know the (Zendesk) system inside and out, which was very clear from the first discussion we had. I think one of their advantages, over other implementers, is that they can take those systems and apply them effectively, think outside the box, and know how to take the system’s inherent potential and make it flexible, bend, and adapt it to the company’s unique needs.”

Yael concludes: “The change in our customer service platform had a great impact on many aspects. One of the best things that happened during this process is that we’ve managed to mold the platform to our service reps’ needs. They used to work with multiple systems and Excel spreadsheets – and now we can significantly reduce the workload and give our reps more room to breathe. This allows them to be more organized and productive while significantly reducing the stress.”

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