No more missed messages: How we helped this ecommerce brand get on top of multi-channel support.

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Overview: Yarin Shahaf is a beauty school with an ecommerce store that delivers directly to consumers.
Challenge: Provide timely responses to a growing number of customer service requests.

The Yarin Shahaf beauty school was founded in 1986, offering professional beauty courses. Today, they’ve expanded to run an ecommerce store for beauty products that delivers directly to consumers. They use a wide range of channels to handle customer inquiries, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email,and phone. YouTube is especially active, with many customers contacting them through the comments section. 

With their agents struggling to manage communications across so many platforms, they approached Adelante to implement a unified solution built around Zendesk which would help them improve the customer experience.   

We interviewed general manager Matan Ben Simhon to get his perspective on working with Adelante.

“People are pleasantly surprised that when they contact us on YouTube, they get a response within five minutes”

“Until quite recently, we had employees whose job was just to repetitively enter each of these channels, read all of the messages or comments, and reply to them,” explains Matan. “And it wasn’t uncommon that the person who managed the Facebook profile, for example, wouldn’t know how to answer a question and would have to to ask a colleague—which delayed handling the request, of course.”

The management at Yarin Shahaf recognised that their customer service team was struggling to provide prompt and informative replies to the growing number of inbound inquiries. They needed a centralized system which would bring together communication from all active channels and allow their team to respond in a consistent and focused manner, while minimizing first response times. 

“In the past, it could take a whole day, sometimes two or three, to respond to inquiries. Today, tickets don’t get lost.”

The team decided on Zendesk, and began reaching out to potential implementation partners. Matan recalls the first meeting with Adelante positively, commenting, “From the moment we decided to switch to Zendesk, Tamir did an in-depth analysis to understand our needs and execute a quick implementation of the organizational system.”

Having chosen to go ahead with Adelante, the project got off the ground without delay. “Implementing Zendesk at our company happened very quickly thanks to Adelante’s support. That aided the project’s success and operation in a short time. I recall shutting down the old system in one day.” 

The customer service department at Yarin Shahaf comprises 15 employees that provide service to customers on various platforms. Matan tells us that after switching to Zendesk, the employees could, for the first time, dramatically improve their response time and quality of their response.

“Now I can easily see my agents’ response history and give them feedback – something I couldn’t do in the past.”

Matan believes that the significant advantage of the new Zendesk system isn’t just that it centralizes all communication in one place—but that it’s possible to assign tickets to the relevant employees from within the platform. 

“Suppose a customer comments on a YouTube video of ours, saying that they want to learn how to do what they saw on the video, for example. The person answering the comments simply sends their information to the CRM system as a ticket which becomes a sales lead,” he explains.

“Additionally, suppose a company employee doesn’t know how to answer a question. In that case, they can assign a ticket to a person who does – this significantly improves the efficiency of handling inquiries.” 

“Inter-organization communication improved significantly once we started working with Adelante.”

It wasn’t just customers who experienced the benefits of the new system—communication within the company was also improved, as Matan explains, “For example, if someone asks what camera was used in a YouTube video in the past, I would have to contact the photographer and explain which video I was talking about, hoping he would remember. Today I can easily assign him a ticket so that he can reply, and if he doesn’t – I’ll know.”

In general, Matan believes that his improved ability as a manager to review the customer service team’s performance is the standout benefit of the system. “In the past I didn’t even know what my representatives were replying to people on WhatsApp, for example. Today I can see their response history, manner of answering, and give them feedback – things I couldn’t do in the past.”

“The new Zendesk solution which Adelante developed ensures no question or request ‘falls between the cracks.’”

While Matan is technologically very competent—and is confident he could have implemented Zendesk in the company by himself, he decided to partner with Adelante for one important reason. “In the end, in every process we do – we know only as much as we know,” he says, “When someone looks at these processes objectively from outside, it is easier for them to understand how we can improve our work.”

For Matan and his team, the project has been a success—and he credits the Zendesk solution implemented by Adelante with facilitating continued growth at Yarin Shahaf, “For those who think big, who think about how to run their business more efficiently—I believe there could be no better time for such a move,” he points out, “I think that Zendesk is a good solution for organizations that want to grow, and I am delighted that I did it at this time.”

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