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Case Studies

This business cut two-thirds of their support tickets within a single week

Implementation time: 7 days

Before: HTzone was using an outdated help-desk tool that prevented them from effectively sorting, classifying, and prioritizing tickets, creating significant admin overheads.

After: The automated system performs the work of 6 service representatives, sorting and categorizing tickets and adding them to an automated resolution process.

Cost per ticket: 3$US

Monthly savings: 10,000$US

Uri Ironi, VP Projects and B2B

“We had lots of tickets, a really serious pile-up of tickets, and we got to a point where we were dealing with a tremendous volume of multiple tickets from the same customer in various channels. The auto-resolution of tickets resulted in a two-thirds decrease in the number of tickets. The system also allowed for more ordered work and we could really find our way out of the chaos we were in.”


Within one week, HTzone went from manually solving all order status tickets and duplicate tickets to an automated system handling two-thirds of the tickets and a verified increase in customer satisfaction, with numerous positive testimonials.

Automatically removing duplicates cut this company’s tickets by 15%


Implementation time: 7 days

Before: Manual identification of double inquiries

After: Duplicate tickets are resolved automatically – a 15% reduction

Odelia Shiron, IT Manager

“We got a positive recommendation about Adelante, and they turned out to be great partners backing up this technology. At every stage, we felt as if we were being supported from all directions and not only focused on solving support requests, and that’s the point.”


In just 7 days, Lupa implemented our solution and moved from manual to an automated resolution of their many duplicate support tickets. The result was a reduction of approximately 15% in total ticket volume, cutting costs significantly.