Thank-you plugin

Stop wasting hours of time per month resolving Zendesk tickets because of “Thank You” messages.

We work with top brands across all verticals to maximize results and increase service levels.

Once you’ve solved a ticket in Zendesk, often the customer will send a final response like “thanks very much”, “thank you for the help” or “great job!”

It’s great your customer is happy, but this means one of your agents has to manually load the ticket, check the response, see no further requirement, and close it.

That only takes 30 or 40 seconds for each ticket – but when you’re working with substantial volumes there’s a significant cost to you.

What if you could resolve these tickets automatically?

Our innovative Zendesk plugin works in the background and:

  • Reads the message to identify key phrases that indicate a “thank you” response (we’ve tested 800+ variants)
  • Confirms there’s no additional request included
  • Switches the ticket back to “solved” and resolves it
  • Sends a custom “thank you” message to the satisfied customer

All this happens within seconds, so there’s no backlog of “thank you” messages clogging up your queue.

  • From the customer’s point of view – nothing has changed.
  • From your agent’s point of view – fewer frustrating, repetitive tasks to clear.
  • And from a business point of view – a better service, with lower cost.

Who is this plugin designed for?

Our “thank you” plugin is an ideal solution for any business using Zendesk who deals with upwards of 1,000 customer tickets per month, and the more tickets you have, the more time and money we can save you.

It’s completely scalable, so even the busiest service desks will be able to handle those unnecessary tickets without lifting a finger.

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