Keep It Simple: How SmarTrike slashes Resolution Times By 90% With Zendesk.

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Children’s toy manufacturer SmarTrike was using Salesforce to manage its customer and e-commerce support function—but a lack of cross-channel integration made life hard for their agents.  Working with Adelante to set up a custom Zendesk installation, they were able to cut ticket resolution times by almost 90%—and massively simplify agent workflows into the bargain.  We […]

Adelante: Working in partnership with Zendesk Israel

Meet Zendesk Enterprise Account Executive, Lior Shachar. When he began in his role in 2018, his initial focus was on growing Zendesk’s customer base among small-medium businesses (SMB). It was an obvious choice in a country like Israel, which is well known for its proliferation of successful startups in recent years, particularly in the tech […]

A 110% rise in customers, a 45% drop in customer communications: This Israeli startup proves that you can achieve growth without overloading your customer service departments.

FINUPP is a startup company that helps Israelis in receiving tax returns from the state. For those unfamiliar with this world, these are complex and long processes that require constant and ongoing communication with clients at all steps. “We receive hundreds of requests each day and need to address every one of them quickly and […]