A revolution at Lupa: The simple process that reduced the number of tickets by 15%

Reduce the number of tickets
60 - 100
Tickets automatically resolved every day
Customers who create duplicate tickets every month
Overview: Lupa allows you to save the photos from the storage darkness and publish them in a real photo book
Challenge: Manual identification of double inquiries
Solution: In just 7 days, Lupa implemented our solution and moved from manual to an automated resolution of their many duplicate support tickets. The result was a reduction of approximately 15% in total ticket volume, cutting costs significantly.

Only 14 years ago, long before any of us had a sophisticated camera in our phone, one company realized how important it was that the photos we take not only remain in hidden folders on computers – but be published in albums that stay with us forever.

With the emergence of smartphones, the need mentioned above has become much more significant and prominent. Today, there aren’t many people in Israel who haven’t heard of the “Lupa” company, allowing users to produce photo albums conveniently and swiftly with a smartphone app and online interface.

However, even an established company like Lupa, which invests heavily in excellent customer service, did not anticipate what would happen to it with the emergence of the coronavirus into our lives. Odelia Shiron, director of the Lupa information systems department, says: “During the first lockdown, thousands of customers called our company, and that created a heavy load on the system. We had to close a few channels because of this situation.”

This situation caught Lupa and many other companies unprepared. Consequently, the company staff realized that change was needed, and one of the first things the company had to deal with was the duplication of customers’ requests via multiple channels. Nowadays, there are many ways to reach companies, like WhatsApp, emails, phones, the company’s website, social networks, and many more.

“We felt,” said Odelia, “that many customers contacted us on several channels, which created a lot of pressure for the service center. At first, we did not know how to deal with it – as dozens of tickets were coming in daily. We felt those duplicate tickets consumed our time by readdressing them multiple times,” added Odelia.

A benefit for both customers and service agents

The desire to improve an all-important aspect of the company’s customer service system had led Lupa to contact Adelante, which specializes in implementing advanced technological solutions to improve service and support processes.

After discussing and characterizing the needs, they decided to use Adelante’s platform for merging duplicate tickets, based on Zendesk, to bring about a significant change in the service system at Lupa. And, according to Odelia, this was the right decision, made at a time so critical to the company.

“The change mentioned above,” continued Odelia, “largely streamlined the workflow and sped it up. Currently, customers get responses for all of their requests in one place. Representatives can also deal with a single request – concentrated and detailed – while looking at all the customer’s previous requests, made on a number of platforms, on the same screen – without looking for information in different places.

“Everything is now in order,” summed up Odelia, “the new working method helped both the representative and the customer who gets all the answers to his request in a much quicker and more pleasant way.”

The numbers do not lie.

And to those who wanted to understand how much the Adelante system had helped improve Lupa’s work, Odelia provides some data to shed further light on the process. “Considering,” she said, “we get thousands of monthly requests, Adelante helps solve 50 – 70 help tickets from all of our customer communication channels daily.

This number of tickets represents 10 to 15 percent of the help requests, significantly reducing the representatives’ burden.”

Odelia explained that they were looking for a solution to this problem for a long time but did not find the right one. “But then,” she proceeded, “we got a positive recommendation about Adelante, and they turned out to be great partners backing up this technology. At every stage, we felt as if we were being supported from all directions and not only focused on solving support requests, and that’s the point.”

Odelia continues, “Apart from the solution itself (to the problem of duplicate requests), we noticed that Adelante was attentive to our needs, and that was very important. The people we work are more of a business partnership than a provider. Adelante’s willingness to broaden its scope of service and provide solutions to other problems along the way was, and is, a reflection of the company’s desire to help with anything that also affected this specific project.  

“Today, I would wholeheartedly recommend Adelante’s service to anyone interested.” she emphasized, “As for me, I have no doubts about choosing their service. Although Adelante is a young and innovative company, it has the experience and knows to focus on the specific problem to provide you with a quick solution.” 

Odelia then concluded, “The solutions offered by Adelante are saving us hours or days of work, which we at Lupa very much appreciate. “

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