A 110% rise in customers, a 45% drop in customer communications: This Israeli startup proves that you can achieve growth without overloading your customer service departments.

Less service tickets
More customers
Overview: Finupp is a start-up company helping Israelis get tax refunds from the government.
Challenge: Increase customer’s number without increase support staff overhead.

FINUPP is a startup company that helps Israelis in receiving tax returns from the state. For those unfamiliar with this world, these are complex and long processes that require constant and ongoing communication with clients at all steps.

“We receive hundreds of requests each day and need to address every one of them quickly and efficiently,” explains Asaf Cohen, CEO of the company. “When we reply, it is crucial that the customer understands the nature of the answer and receives a solution for their problem, and it is just as important that the handling time be reasonable.”

Eighteen months ago, the company decided to implement the Zendesk platform in its customer service to meet this challenge. This action, in hindsight, is understood by Asaf as very significant to their operations. “At the beginning, we would handle our hundreds of requests through the Gmail platform,” he recalls. “This is obviously not a ticketing system, not a ‘smart’ system, and does not provide customized functionality.”

According to Asaf, the implementation of the Zendesk platform in the company shortened the handling time of customers requests. It lowered the number of requests drastically – while at the same time increasing the number of customers that successfully get solutions without needing to contact them.

“If our response time was two to four days before the platform was implemented, using Zendesk shortened response times to up to 24 hours on average,” he says. Looking into the company’s data in this respect shows that over half of the requests are answered within several hours, and only 3% are answered after 24 hours.

“Handling more requests in less time.”

While the ability to track requests improved, the quality of the responses improved as well, thanks to Zendesk. “When a customer reaches out to us, we see their entire history of activity, can track the service given to them over time, and understand where we made mistakes and how to improve the responses. All of this essentially enabled us to handle more communications in less time.”

Additionally, Zendesk’s platform includes a few essential features that help the customer service team- the chat and help button on the company website. “Using the chat, we catch the user at their most critical points and enable them to ask questions and get human responses in real-time and within short time-frames. The help button also assists users looking for answers to issues that interest them by getting instant solutions without having to contact us.”

Today Asaf understands precisely how much using the system benefited him in the long run and advises other companies, his colleagues, to do the same. “The system allows high functionality that is usually offered by costly tools – at a fair price and with a very high level of customization to our needs. We have a development team at the company but developing a support system is very expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, we feel it is beneficial to use third-party systems – especially if they are offered at an affordable and comfortable price.”

“Zendesk didn’t develop this system light-headedly. They researched the entire subject of the link between the digital platform and the customer to offer the best possible solution. We at the company prefer to focus on giving the service we know how to give and rely on external services for these needs. This enables significant savings and a corporate edge.”

Avoiding the learning curve – and focusing on core activities.

In 2020, FINUPP experienced a rise of 110% in its number of clients. Simultaneously, the amount of communication, Asaf emphasizes, actually dropped by 45%. “The explanation is that most people managed to get solutions for their problems using automatic tools embedded in our website before they even needed to contact us via Email or telephone.”

Zendesk was implemented in the company with the help of Adelante which was a full partner throughout the whole process. Asaf explains that they, at no point during the process, thought to give up this service.

“I believe that the professionals who understand the work processes they deal with and possess experience from similar companies are the correct people for embedding this complex and unique tool. There are many things that we acknowledge we don’t know – I was surprised to see things that surfaced during our work, which I personally did not anticipate, even in this process. I was also surprised by the set of solutions Adelante offered us – and their full implementation during the process.

Asaf continues explaining, “If I were to do it on my own, it would have probably consumed a lot more time and money, with inferior results. I feel that companies should focus on their core activities rather than investing time and energy on executing things they don’t understand.”

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