Cutting first-response time by 90%: How Adelante helped Practi deal with multi-channel customer inquiries more efficiently.

Practi by JustEat is an all-in-one management system for takeaways and restaurants.
Implement Zendesk effectively and build a contact center operation around the platform.

Practi by JustEat is an all-in-one management system for takeaways and restaurants. They’d started out working with a Zendesk implementation firm to get things up and running, but found it difficult to get the adaptations they wanted in place.

They came to Adelante in search of a partner who could get Zendesk working in a way that made sense for their business model, clear up the chaos and introduce intuitive workflows supported by smart automation. We were more than happy to deliver.

We spoke with Yael Campano, director of the support department at Practi, to get her thoughts on our working relationship.

“One of the best things that happened during this process is that Adelante molded Zendesk to fit our agents’ needs—not the reverse”

Practi is a company that started as a provider of smart cash registers for businesses, but over time it has expanded. It now offers an extensive range of tools to help manage various types of companies—including takeaways and restaurants. Their customer support load is relatively high, and Yael remembers that was one factor that led them to Zendesk in the first place.

“Internationally, Zendesk is very well known and it’s considered one of the strongest solutions in the market,” she comments, “That’s the simple reason we started to work with the platform.” Practi initially worked with Otorita, a company that provides consulting and organizational development services, to get the Zendesk implementation in place, but pretty soon they hit a roadblock.

“We didn’t know how to take full advantage of the system we had in place.”

“We’d worked with implementation companies before, but we were unable to adapt the Zendesk platform to our needs,” Yael recalls, “At first, we found working with the platform quite chaotic. We were unable to generate relevant reports and data, and our service reps found the workflows too complicated. Effectively, automation and flow were missing in the first stage of implementation.”

But Yael was confident that Zendesk had great potential and could really smooth out Practi’s workflows—if only they could find an implementation partner who understood their goals and had the expertise to achieve them. The turning point came when she first met with Adelante.

“From the first meeting, it was clear to us that we were dealing with a very different company from those we’d already tried in the past,” Yael says, remembering her first meeting with Adelante CEO Tamir Bashkin.

“Tamir came up with so many ideas at the meeting that we didn’t even know were possible.”

“It gave us real hope that we could make the system work for us. From that moment on, we used Zendesk more and more, and we finally knew that we had someone to talk to to make it work for our needs.”

Yael stresses that what made the most impact in their discussion was the openness to finding ways to solve problems, even ones that initially looked complex or unclear.

“The people at Adelante never said no to us. That is exactly what we wanted when trying to implement the complex platform in our business.”

Practi’s story illustrates how important it is not to pull the plug on a particular system just because you don’t fully understand how to work with it. After making the changes in collaboration with Adelante, Yael points out that “Our team understood how to work with the platform much better and we get a lot more from it than we did before.”

Yael continues, “I think that the biggest achievement is that the system stopped being a burden. We now have all the data we need to keep track of customer calls, stay on top of the service process, and receive all the relevant data to provide an efficient service.”

“The team itself has stopped working for the system – the system has started working for the team.”

Since working with Adelante, Practi’s service center has expanded from 12 agents to over 40, increasing the need for an efficient and well-oiled platform that allows managers to better monitor what is happening in the company.

“The people at Adelante know Zendesk inside and out, which was very clear from the first discussion we had,” Yael remembers, “One of their advantages—over other implementation partners—is that they can adapt that system and apply it effectively, thinking outside the box and working flexibly.”

“Adelante knows how to take Zendesk’s inherent potential and adapt it to the company’s unique needs.”

Yael concludes: “Our agents used to work with multiple systems—including Excel spreadsheets! Now they have a streamlined workflow and more room to breathe. They’re more organized and more productive—and they are  significantly less stressed out—which is great!”

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