Zendesk Express

Don’t waste another minute trying to implement Zendesk on your own.
Imagine a hassle-free way to go live in 7 days.

We work with top brands across all verticals to maximize results and increase service levels.

Our innovative method is centered on the customer experience and allows you to start working with Zendesk in 7 days or less—no worry, no hassle

A Zendesk implementation seems difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our setup process is the most efficient way of getting started—created by a Zendesk Certified Partner.

What Our Clients Say

Would this work for your business?

If you’re running a customer service desk—yes it’s for you. If you’re worried your service levels aren’t what they could be—yes it’s for you. If you’re frustrated by duplicate requests, misdirected inquiries, and constant pressure—then yes, it’s for you.

  • You can make significant time and cost savings getting Zendesk up and running. 
  • You can reduce the onboarding period—getting it working as quickly as possible. 
  • You can eliminate the risk of making costly mistakes while learning the system.
  • You can scale your business with fewer employees than you think are necessary.

We know this works because we’ve been right where you are now.

We developed Zendesk Express in response to our own challenging experience—running a customer service department in the family insurance business.

Tickets were accumulating, the follow-up was complex, sometimes tickets fell between the cracks, were handled by different agents, and a lot of time was wasted on duplicate tickets. 

Because we understood the problem first-hand, we were able to design a comprehensive method for setting up Zendesk that addressed the real challenges faced by businesses like ours.

It was a resounding success, and soon we were fielding inquiries from other business owners in our network. Now you too can benefit from our experience.

Setting up Zendesk involves four main stages:
Configuring the system to your exact requirements.
Implementing fully featured integration with WhatsApp API.
Integrating Zendesk with your CRM and external systems.
Onboarding and training your customer service agents.

To get started, you’ve basically got 4 options.

Do it all in-house
Use a contractor
Use Zendesk Services
Work with Adelante!
Zendesk certified?
Pricing model
Fixed price
Go-live time
7 days max
Project management
Usually no
Extra cost
Shared access
Dedicated PM
Staff onboarding
Self taught
Extra cost
Extra cost
Video resources
Post-implementation Support
Tens of thousands of US$ + wasted time
Starts at $25,000+
A fraction of the time and money you’d pay any other way

Case Studies

As we said —businesses like yours, in a similar position, are already benefitting significantly from our solution. Let’s dig into the detail:

Adelante know Zendesk inside-out and can take a customer’s vision and provide an effective and smart solution. They brought in other solutions that we were unfamiliar with and can be integrated into the system to do the things it doesn’t let us do out of the box.”

“From the first meeting, it was clear to us that we were dealing with a very different company from those we’d already tried in the past, Tamir came up with so many ideas at the meeting that we didn’t even know were possible. It gave us real hope that we could make the system work for us. From that moment on, we used it more and more, and we finally knew that we had someone to talk to to make it work for our needs.”

“From the moment we decided to switch to Zendesk, Tamir did an in-depth analysis to understand our needs and execute a quick implementation of the organizational system. I recall shutting down the old system in one day. I believe that the speed of execution helped them adapt quicker.”

“If I were to do it on my own, it would have probably consumed a lot more time and money, with inferior results. I feel that companies should focus on their core activities rather than investing time and energy on executing things they don’t specialize in.”

“Adelante’s individual approach, knowledge, and experience greatly improved our processes. We would have wasted a lot of time and money by not going this route and trying to figure it all out ourselves,” Liad concludes.

“In Adelante, they found a Zendesk implementation partner who could commit to the tight timescale required, stick to the game plan, and crucially, who they could trust to deliver exactly what was promised without delays.”

“Working with Adelante to set up a custom Zendesk installation, they were able to cut ticket resolution times by almost 90%—and massively simplify agent workflows into the bargain.”

Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

  • You benefit from our years of experience implementing Zendesk.
  • You get the latest best practice guidance from a Zendesk Partner.
  • You will be able to solve more requests with fewer employees.
  • Your Zendesk platform will be operational much sooner.
  • You’ll receive in-depth video resources to train your staff.

And you can immediately start solving tickets via the platform—focusing on what matters to your customers..

Rapid Zendesk Setup: How Adelante beat a tight deadline to get Bilt Rewards up and running.

Overview: Bilt Rewards Alliance is a collection of 2M+ rental homes across the country that lets you earn points by paying rent. Renting is now rewarding.
Challenge: Setting Up Zendesk On A Tight Deadline

“Adelante was the only implementation partner we spoke to that could commit completely to our required turnaround time.” 

“When Adelante showed how they could get a working Zendesk installation in place in 7 days, and then iterate from there, we agreed to terms quickly and got the project underway in the next rent cycle. No other vendor could offer that.” Michael recalls. “I had a vision for the project—I knew what tools and integrations we needed, and Adelante was able to respond to my requests quickly and efficiently.”

“Adelante didn’t schedule unnecessary meetings—with the game plan agreed they started work and agreed adjustments as we went forward.”

Keep It Simple: How SmarTrike slashes Resolution Times By 90% With Zendesk.

Overview: SmarTrike is an innovative company changing the way people perceive baby trikes.
Challenge: Implement Zendesk properly and build a contact center operation around the platform.

“We went from spending almost 5 minutes per ticket—to under 30 seconds.”

“For us, one of the standout advantages of working with Adelante was the speed in which we could get up to competence,” she remembers. “There’s more to learn for sure—but so far, I’ve spent maybe an hour or two a day for two weeks learning the ropes, and I’m already confident trying new things independently.  

“Any manager who wants to improve their KPIs should be looking at Adelante.”

Proven Process. Fast Results

Plans and Pricing


$4899 $3899

One time payment for customers on Zendesk Team or Growth plans.
  • Basic Zendesk Setup
  • Channels connections.
  • Basic Automations and Workflows
  • Improved WhatsApp capabilities.
  • eCommerce integrations.
  • Guidance on CRM integration.
  • Reports training.
  • Ticket Classification.
  • Macro training.
  • Agents onboarding
  • Support

Express Plus+

$7000 $5899

One time payment for customers on Zendesk Pro or Enterprise plans.
  • Basic Zendesk Setup.
  • Email Template Design.
  • Channels Connections.
  • Advanced Automations and Workflows.
  • Answer Bot Setup
  • Full WhatsApp Capabilities.
  • eCommerce Integrations.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Report Creation and Training.
  • Ticket Classification.
  • Transfer your Macros from Another Platform.
  • Multi Brand Set Up.
  • Help Center Set Up.
  • Transfer Your Help Center from Another Platform.
  • Agents Onboarding
  • Support

Enterprise Set Up

Contact us

For enterprise customers with  20+ customer service agents.
  • Basic Zendesk Setup.
  • Email Template Design.
  • Channels Connections.
  • Advanced Automations and Workflows.
  • Custom Workflows.
  • Answer Bot Setup
  • Full WhatsApp Capabilities.
  • eCommerce Integrations.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Custom Integrations
  • Report Creation and Training.
  • Custom Reports.
  • Ticket Classification.
  • Transfer your Macros from Another Platform.
  • Multi Brand Set Up.
  • Help Center Set Up.
  • Transfer Your Help Center from Another Platform.
  • Custom Chatbots.
  • Agents Onboarding.
  • Support

Meet Our Team

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No, you only pay once for the setup fee.

If at any point during the first 30 days you’re unhappy with the service for any reason, let us know and we’ll try to fix it. If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your payment in full.

You can calculate your hourly rate and assuming it’s going to take you about 20 hours to learn Zendesk and get everything set up, you can quickly calculate the ROI.

We’re certified Zendesk partners who’ve been around for 3 years now. Check out our customer testimonials and list of clients here: adelante.co.il

We provide support regarding the setup and the videos, and are happy to help you with other Zendesk related questions or projects with paid support?

Only during the initial setup, afterwards, you can change the password and we do not need to maintain any ongoing access.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results you get when you implement, you can claim a full refund in the first month!